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  • “My favorite thing about STIHL is opportunity. STIHL has given me the opportunity to earn an MBA in international business without having to take out student loans. Because of my growth and the opportunities at STIHL, I’m really excited what the next five years will bring. ”

    Kathrin Stahlschmidt: Procurement Planner
  • “I'm very proud to work at STIHL Inc. because we are one of the largest production sites in the STIHL group and we’re producing several thousand units each day that are being shipped worldwide. ”

    Ludmilla Grace: Procurment Planner
  • “I got my first job at a STIHL dealer when I was thirteen. When I graduated college and got offered an opportunity to come work here at STIHL, it really fit, it made sense. I knew this was a cool company that made great products and I wanted to be part of it.”

    Jake Brandspigel: Product Services Supervisor