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We take great care with our recruitment process. It reflects our commitment to both selected and non-selected applicants. Our recruitment team will keep in touch with you throughout your recruitment process.

In most cases the recruitment process will be as follows:

  1. Vacancies are advertised on various online boards, and other media will be used when appropriate.

  2. As a candidate, review our vacancies to find a job that allows you to develop your potential, meet your needs and where your skills and experience matches our requirements. Please fully complete the application process by including your CV and answering the Candidate Summary section.

  3. All candidates will receive an email confirmation that their information has been received by STIHL Inc.

  4. Candidates will be contacted for an initial phone interview if they meet the job requirements.

  5. Successful candidates may have to attend a second interview - certain roles may require up to 4 interviews.

  6. Candidates will be contacted to advise them of an offer decision.

There is no definitive time period for this process, but we strive to complete the process as quickly as possible, for the benefit of both STIHL Inc. and the applicant.